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Workout App

depending on what you are looking for in a workout app. There are some that are subscription-based and use AI to develop workout routines for you, I don’t know how optimized their AI is or they just pretend and give the same advice to every user.

Then there are those which work on a 30 day home workout model. They have different workout routines with different difficulty levels. Generally Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. In those apps, there is also a classification of full-body workouts, six-pack Abs, Arm Blasters, Chest Routine, legs and glutes. You would have to decide what you want or improve. Mostly all the apps provide the same functionality.

Workout Challenge: 30 Day Weight Loss Fitness – Apps on Google Play, I used this app and was impressed by it, it is different in some regards and the same in some. It has what every other app has, which are the workout routines divided into days. With gradual progression in difficulty. The app also tells how many calories have you burned after every workout.

Then it has this feature of challenge. You can challenge yourself and set timers and at the end, you can tell the app how many reps you performed if you choose a rep based exercise like push-ups. You can also share your results on popular social media and challenge your friends.

You can monitor your progress with daily statics, you can maintain your personal profile. The app gives a feel of personalization. You can upload your profile picture. You can add your weights at different times of the month, if the weight is increasing or decreasing you will get an idea with graphs. You can calculate your BMI. Just feed the app your height, weight and gender.

It also has a list of popular diets. To gain weight and tips on how to lose weight.

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